About First Arts

The partners of First Arts bring decades of experience working with Indigenous artists and collectors.  


First Arts is a new concept for the promotion and marketing of Canadian Indigenous art brought to you by a team of the nation’s foremost experts in the field.  Our goal is to expand the knowledge of and reinvigorate the market for the visual arts of Canada and international Indigenous peoples.


Nadine Di Monte   |    647-286-5012   |    info@firstarts.ca 

Ingo Hessel  |    613-818-2100   |    ingo@firstarts.ca

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    Both auction and retail selling each have their own particular advantages and disadvantages. Collectively the experts at First Arts are able to offer consignors the best of both worlds.  In order to maximize the value for each work in a collection, we will make recommendations to direct each piece to its appropriate sales venue: live auction, online auction, exhibition and retail sale to serve both consignors and collectors.




    What separates First Arts from other resale outlets is the curatorial focus. First Arts’ emphasis on high quality and thoughtful presentation aims to broaden the appreciation of Indigenous art in accessible and creative ways for both experienced and novice collectors. The art receives the ‘white glove’ treatment – that’s a reflection of First Arts’ knowledge and appreciation of Indigenous art in all its forms, places, and periods. 


    First Arts builds on the relationships the partners have nurtured with both collectors and artists. Its mission is to create a fresh excitement for Indigenous art through an immersive learning experience.




    First Arts prides itself on a solid commitment to Indigenous visual arts communities by supporting initiatives that break down barriers and impact careers. In October 2019, First Arts worked with the Inuit Art Foundation to support IAQ Profiles, a central, online resource of accurate, up-to-date and, most importantly, artist-sanctioned biographies.  First Arts has demonstrated our dedication to building IAQ Profiles by matching all contributions made up to $10,000.