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  • Announcing our Fall 2022 Inuit & First Nations Art Live Auction

    Including Masterpieces from The John & Joyce Price Collection
    by First Arts


    First Arts is proud to announce our Fall 2022 Auction of Inuit & First Nations Art, a live sale at 1 William Morgan Drive on Monday, December 5th at 7 PM ET, featuring works from the John & Joyce Price Collection.


    Visionary collectors, John and Joyce acquired works of superb caliber, obtaining art and objects that are amongst the finest in private hands.  This inagural sale includes outstanding examples by Kenojuak Ashevak, Christian White, George Tatanniq, Marion Tuu'luq, Francis Kalluraq, Akeeaktashuk, Bill Reid, and other iconic artists, as well as masterworks by anonymous 19th and 20th century artists. 


    In their passionate pursuit, John and Joyce have brought together masterpieces of Inuit and First Nations artworks.  From the fine examples of Inukjuak craftsmanship and Kinngait printmaking of the early 1950s, to the art and imaginings of Oviloo Tunnillie, Toonoo Sharky,  Annie Pootoogook, and Tim Pitsiulak, as well as from the skillful artisanship of the Chilkat Robe by an unknown Tlingit maker to the argillite carving of Christian White and to the graphite drawing of Bill Reid, their collection is united by caliber and quality. 


    Additional highlights from this season are several fine works from a California private collection, including a stirring example from Joe Talirunili’s famed Migration Boat series, published in Marybelle Mitchell’s important 1977 monograph on the artist, the imposing Hooded Figure by John Pangnark, and a large and moving Self-Portrait by Elizabeth Nutaraaluk


    We are proud to announce the sale of works from three important Toronto private collections. The first includes the outstanding Janus-faced Shaman by Karoo Ashevak that graces our front cover, and the exceptionally fine mid-19th century Haida argillite Recorder and Female Figure Holding Two Dolls.


    The second collection includes the monumental Dancing Bears by Pauta Saila by Nalenik Temela and Henry Evaluardjuk’s fabulous whale bone Gesturing Bear.


    From the third distinguished collection come the delightful stone Figure by Karoo Ashevak; the captivating Ennutsiak Bible Study, and an extraordinary Mother and Child by George Tatanniq.


    Other exceptional Inuit sculptures from various Canadian and American collections include an important early Bird Spirit (Natturalik) by Kiugak Ashoona,  a fine and early 1950s Mother and Child, formerly in the Robertson Collection

    Our excellent collection of two dimensional works includes early, rare-to-market masterpiece prints from American private collections, namely Four Muskoxen by Osuitok Ipeelee, Polar Bear and Cub in Ice by Niviaqsi, and Blue Geese on Snow by Mungitok Kellypalik; and a fine collection of paintings by Norval Morrisseau.

    Inuit works on cloth include a delightful early work by Marion Tuu’luq from the Estate of Jean Blodgett, the pioneer Inuit art scholar and curator.  We are also proud to offer a rare photograph by Peter and Aggeok Pitseolak, once held in the collection of Dorothy Harley Eber, CM, the respected writer and documentarian of Inuit oral history.

    Other important Northwest Coast works include two exquisite examples of gold jewellery by Robert Davidson from Morton and Estelle Sosland, a large Model Totem Pole by Ellen Neel, works by Charlie James, as well as his stepson Mungo Martin.

    Other Indigenous highlights include lovely Northwest Coast baskets and three fine Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) beaded panels.

    We encourage our clients to look for additional information, including references and extra photos, in the online catalogue on our website. 


  • by First Arts